Beer in Tunisia

Beer in Tunisia

Despite that Tunisia is a country with 98% Muslims, you can find both locally produced and imported beers. There is even a micro brewery in the coastal city Hammamet. In most Muslim countries, alcohol is forbidden but Tunisia, where the Arabic spring began, has always been more open and international compared with other countries in the region.

tunisia beer

Beer traditions                                                                                                                         Consuming alcohol in public is not accepted but in most hotels and restaurants you can buy the Tunisian beers Celtia, 33 extra dry, or Stella. All beers are light lager, 5% strong and suitable for the hot Mediterranean weather. Most shopping malls sell beer but in a special corner which is open Monday to Friday and closed during religious holidays.


Normally you can find Celtia beer and then Heineken and Becks in most hotels and shops, other beers are very hard to find. You can choose between Heineken or Celtia. The price in a restaurant/hotel for a 25 cl Celtia beer is normally 5 Dinars, about 3 USD. Tunisians and tourists consumed beer for 14 million USD 2012. Beer is appreciated among Tunisians and the consumtion is slowly increasing. It is also impressing to se that most shops have at least two different alcohol free beers which can be consumed during religious holidays.

Tunisian craft beer

Due to the attacks in 2015 and 2016, tourism has declined and so also the beer consumption. The domestic beer consumption is so far on international styled lagers such as Celtia and Stella. There is also a stronger beer, Berber Forte which is sold in 25 cl cans. There where two microbreweries in Tunisia a few years ago making German styled beers. Now there is one that soon will be closed in Hammamet. They made both lager and black lager but since almost no tourists come to Hammet anymore, all restaurants are closed.

berber forte

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