Beer in Morocco

Morocco is quite dry for a beer lover. More interesting if you like wine. More than 10 wineries operate and produce many good local wines. When it comes to beer, the selection is small and relative expensive. You find a few lager beers produced by Castel Group in Morocco. Same Company that provides the beer in Burkina Faso.


It´s not easy to find but there are a few shops and some super markets that sell beer. Carrefour market does have beer and a few shops. In Rabat you have wine shops in city and in Hay Riad for example. The opening time is regulated and don´t try to be thirsty during ramadan or other religious holydays. You can get both Leffe Brune and Blond, Hoegarden and a few international lagers.

About 2 euro for a can of Casablanca lager at the super market

Closest Craft beer for Morocco                                                                                  In Ceuta, the Spanish city in “northern Morocco” has one Craft brewery operating since a few years. Ceuta Star is making Craft beer sold at Place and also distributed to Carrefour in Ceuta. You need to pass the border to get it, but it´s the closest Craft beer you can get from Morocco.

The first craft beer in Rabat?

Bad bricklayer brewing might be the first craft brewery to open. The brewery is not open but are planning to be during 2018.

Craft beer in Morocco
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