Beer in Namibia 

Namibias German heritage is best enjoyed chilled at one of hundreds of beer places. The location, close to Africas craft beer mecca ; South Africa makes the country very interesting for someone who has a interest in beer.  There are more than 10 locally produced beers in Windhoeak, the capital of Namibia. You will find German beers such as Maibok, weizen and Schwarzbeer. The Namibian beer Windhoek lager can also be found in other African countries such as Kenya and Burkina Faso.  The craft beer trend has not arrived yet but since its booming in South Africa, soon Namibia will be on that map too. It will take time so be patient :).

windhoek beer
Windhoek lager

When in Windhoek, make a visit to Joe´s Beerhouse  where you can have a handfull lagers on tap and many on bottle. Both game meet and German dishes to combine with the beer.

beer in Windhoek

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