Beer in Tanzania

The country stands for a important part of the overall beer consumtion in Africa. Like in Burkina Faso and Uganda, people make their own “beer” from local ingrdients but without hops. You find a handfull of different labeled lagers and Guinnes Foreign Extra Stout as in most other African countries. There is no craft beer but the demand for it is there. As in Kenya; Light lagers are branded as Lite.


Lager beer in Tanzania

Tanzania Breweries is the main operator, selling lager beers such as: Castle Lager and Catsle Lite, Ndovu Special Malt and Eagle, Kilimanjaro Lager. Serengeti Breweries does more or less the same beers but with other labels. Castle Milk Stout and The kick is funny to have later on after 6-7 regular beers. The kick is 7% strong and gives a kick, not in taste but in strage behaviour after a few..

You do also find Tusker, origin from Kenya and Windhoek lager from Namibia. You can also get held of Primus Lager from Burundi.

Delicious maize/ millet/Sorgum beers

Yes, you should have a few of those the first day of your arrival. Just make sure there is toilettes around. They might make your stomach a bit bubbly. Since they doesn´t contain any malt or hops, it´s not correct to name it beer.

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